Hire me

I am looking for opportunities in the crypto and blockchain space. I can participate in many aspects of an enterprise, but if I had to create a title for what I do best, it would be, “User Experience Critic”, encompassing every corner of a firm’s activities that touches the user experience.

From product strategy, to conceptualizing and reviewing product UI/UX, to structuring information systems, to writing and reviewing copy for UI, and social messaging, I can help ensure that a product reflects the brand, values, positioning, and experience core to an organization, and ultimately that the firm captures the value available in the market.

Following is a summary of my career.

  • I earned a masters degree with honors in engineering from a top-5 ranked university in the United States. That experience taught me the importance of trade-offs in engineering, and how to get from A to B through planning, organization and self-discipline.

  • I founded a software engineering company, grew it to a staff size of nearly 40, and successfully sold it. That experience taught me a lot about business, and the issues involved in managing people.

  • I founded a web and mobile apps design and development company, that achieved a surprising level of success for its size (four people), including projects with some of the largest organizations in Silicon Valley, and apps receiving design recognition from Apple.

  • I’ve participated in a number of crypto projects, including the creation of WhyPIVX.com as an example of a good first-contact experience. I wrote the DASH documentation explaining the masternode selection pool payment algorithm and probabilities. And, most recently, I lead the team that created the website for a new privacy coin, called Veil.

  • I’ve recruited a surprising number of extraordinarily talented individuals, some of whom went on to become quite famous. Similarly, I’ve somehow managed to develop trustful relationships with some important figures in the crypto space.

  • Early in my life I discovered the importance of design, and a desire to express that interest led me to found my first company. Visual design, interaction & experience design, product design, writing (the only form of design I’m personally good at), even coding. Design touches everything.

  • As can be seen through the articles on my blog, I’m a good writer, capable of distilling complex topics though clear explanations. The articles also reflect the breadth of understanding and interest I have in the crypto space. In many areas, I’ve learned through getting my hands dirty, such as mining and operating masternodes.

  • As perhaps seen from my podcasts page, I’m pretty good with separating the signal from the noise in terms of identifying who’s really good and what’s important, in a space like crypto.

  • I’ve had a life-long interest in investing, first in traditional markets (equities, bonds, etc.) and later in the crypto markets. Scope for active management alpha, synthetic representation of assets, new opportunities for yield, and indexing are the kinds of crypto finance topics that fascinate me.

  • Through both crypto investing and consulting, I’ve come to develop an extensive network of contacts in the industry,

  • I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, and have lived in countries around the world. That experience has broadened my perspective on a lot of things, and taught me how little I know!

  • Age-wise, I’m probably mid-career, have family obligations that require a bit of travel, and not too interested in pulling all-nighters very often. My preference would be a role in which I can work remotely.

Today in crypto, I feel like I did in 1996 when I discovered the internet. I knew it would change the world, and that I had to find a way to be a part of it. I didn’t imagine I’d experience that twice in my life, but here we are.

The kinds of the people and companies I admire and would like to work with include Bill Barhydt (I think what he’s doing at Abra is amazing), Naval Ravikant (who I admire tremendously), Dhruv Bansal (I think what Unchained Capital are doing is great), Blockchain Capital (huge fan of Ari Paul) and Wences Casares (for both his vision and humility). I’d like to list CoVenture (since I’m so inspired by Ali Hamed), but I think that environment would be a bit too high-pressured for me.

If you feel I could contribute to your organization and efforts, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.