Today I’m happy to announce the launch of a new website, and my team’s first contribution to the PIVX project — This article explains why we created it.

PIVX needs a website addressing the first-time visitor

I recently sent a friend who’s new to crypto to the PIVX website, where he was met with the following message, front-and-center:

NEW MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE Must update wallet now.

We all know how important first impressions are, and his was that perhaps the project is experiencing some kind of crisis. Within the home-page rotating slider, other messages he could have been met with include:

  • “Zerocoin+PIV. Privacy meets Proof of Stake.” — He would have no idea what any of that means.

  • “Built on Bitcoin Core. First Proof of Stake currency to use 0.10.x Bitcoin core at launch. Now updated to 0.15.x” — He would have been completely confused by that.

  • “Incognito. PIVX is the first truly anonymous PoS crypto-currency by utilizing Zerocoin Protocol as our Transaction Protocol” — He’d know what incognito means, but would have no idea about any of the rest.

  • “60 second block time. Already very fast, PIVX transactions using SwiftX are near instant with ZERO confirmation wait time required.” — He wouldn’t know what “block time” means.

The most important visitor to the PIVX website is the one who knows little about PIVX. Why? Because they are a potential new customer—if we can convert them. I don’t think we have are optimizing our chances of converting them with the current messaging.

To that end, the highest priorities of the website should be to:

  1. Communicate what PIVX is, in terms that assume as little technical (and acronym) familiarity as possible.

  2. Motivate them choose PIVX.

  3. Provide them with calls to actions which anticipate what they’ll want to do next.

My goal with was to create the website I believe should be the first point of contact between a potential new customer, and the PIVX project.

Build credibility

The second reason for building the site was to try to create credibility for my team within the PIVX project, since there’s a couple of projects we’d like to pursue:

  1. First, we’d like to build a desktop wallet for the masses. Not only would it be the best wallet in all of crypto, it would incentivize, especially new users, to choose PIVX.

  2. Second, we’d like to build a PIVX website that improves on the current information architecture, copywriting and design, as well as improving technical infrastructure.

Since I can’t present the professional work of my team without compromising my privacy, I wanted to actually build something that could serve as a taste of the quality we’re capable of producing.


With that as background, let’s talk about the website. The following were our goals:

  • We wanted tight and concise content, that communicates what PIVX is, as well as the tent-post aspects that collectively make PIVX unique among crypto currencies, in terms likely to be understood by as broad an audience as possible.

  • We want it to be initially text based, and particularly mobile friendly, so that the initial experience will be as fast as possible, and accessible on all devices.

All in all, we’re quite happy with the way it turned out. Technically, it’s built with Jekyll, a static site generator, and uses pretty much plain-vanilla HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG graphics.

Check it out today:

We hope the PIVX project likes, adopts and promotes the site!

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  1. Wow. That website is awesome. I would actually prefer that to be our main website. I might ping you shortly about it. 🙂

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