As a voracious listener of podcasts, this page contains:

  • A shortlist of my top-5 shows
  • A “curriculum” for new entrants to crypto
  • A running list of my favorite episodes

Favorite shows

If I could only subscribe to five podcasts, it would be these—a mix of crypto, investing, economics, business, science, and philosophy.

  • EconTalk — One of the oldest podcasts, Russ Roberts has wide ranging and thought-provoking conversations with guests ranging from Milton Friedman, to Wences Casares, to (one of my favorites) Mike Munger.

  • Invest Like The Best — I first learned about Patrick O’Shaughnessy through his “Hash Power” crypto documentary, and came to discover his absolutely amazing podcast covering the field of investing. (If you come to love this podcast, and find yourself dying for more, also check out Ted Seides’ Capital Allocators show.)

  • Epicenter — Probably the oldest crypto podcast. What I really like about Epicenter are the technology deep-dives, while keeping things understandable.

  • The Flippening — This podcast, hosted by Clay Collins, focuses on crypto investing, tending more into the realm of professional investing, hedge funds, businesses, etc.

  • Waking Up with Sam Harris — Often in my life, when debating with someone, I’ve experienced a frustrating gap between what’s in my mind, and what I’m able to articulate. Sam Harris is one of those rare individuals for whom this gap evidently doesn’t exist. His intellect, knowledge and language abilities result in some amazing conversations with some of the world’s most thought-provoking guests.

Honorable mention goes to What Bitcoin Did, Hidden Forces, Off the Chain, and The Portal.

Crypto curriculum

Following is a recommended curriculum for anyone entering the crypto space. It begins with an introductory three-part documentary, followed by conversations with some of the space’s key personalities.

  • Hash Power Series — The very best introduction I know to the crypto space is Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Hash Power — A Documentary on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. In particular, listen to the first three episodes, covering blockchains, investing and the future.

  • Get to know Wences Casares — Wences Casares became, by age 30, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Argentina’s history. He then moved to California, and became known as Silicon Valley’s “Bitcoin Patient Zero”, sparking interest in bitcoin and going on to found institutional custodian Xapo. In the EconTalk 2015 conversation, Wences describes why he views bitcoin as the future of global money, and his Unchained 2018 conversation, we see commitment to those ideas, and incredible humility discussing mistakes he’s made along the way.

  • Get to know Naval Ravikant — Naval Ravikant is one of the few people today who I consider a true “thought leader”. You will have been introduced to Naval in the Hash Power documentary series. In his Farnam Street conversation, he focuses on happiness, decision making and habits. In his Unchained conversation, we learn why he feels blockchains will change the world. He also appeared on the Tim Ferris Show. Added chat with Scott Adams, Venture Stories

  • Get to know Bill Barhydt — Bill has emerged as one of my heroes in the crypto space, and one of the people with whom I’d most like to work. He’s a whip-smart, yet down-to-earth visionary, and his company Abra are innovating in the space, in ways that benefit us today, like tokenizing the Bitwise HOLD10 index. Here’s some great conversations with Bill: This Week in Startups, Off the Chain

  • Get to know Ari Paul — Ari Paul is one of the most respected investors in crypto, and is founder of the Blocktower Capital hedge fund. (I’m tremendously fortunate to be invested in Blocktower myself through a fund-of-funds.) You should listen to every conversation with Ari you can get your hands on, including these: Epicenter, Hidden Forces, Crypto Street, David Perell Show, and Unconfirmed.

  • Get to know @notsofast@notsofast is known on Twitter as a miner and trader, but that’s deceiving—as he’s one of the best strategists and thought-leaders in this space. He’s also one of the most helpful personalities in crypto, although central to his philosophy is the importance of showing the way, but requiring you to do the work. Beyond Twitter, you can get to know him a little through this YouTube 2015 video, as well as Crypto Street 3 (2017), Crypto Street 29 (2018) and Blockchain Dynamics 90 (2018). Most of these interviews are water-cooler’ish, so I’m hoping to see @notsofast appear in the future on a podcast diving deeper into him personally, his path to crypto, philosophies, habits and views into the crypto space.

  • Get to know Dhruv Bansal — After listening to him speak on the Flippening, MultiCoin Capital and Venture Stories podcast, I’ve added Dhruv Bansal to my short-list here, as I think he’s one of the smartest and deepest thinkers in the space.

Favorite episodes

A running list of my favorite conversations—about crypto and beyond.

  • Albert Wenger — Union Square Ventures partner Albert Wenger, covering societal transformations, and the role blockchains can play in the current one. A must-listen.

  • Ali Hamed — Exhilarating conversation with founder of CoVenture, a three-strategy investment fund, focusing on VC, crypto and lending.

  • Jerry Muller — In this beautiful EconTalk conversation, Muller discusses his book, “The Tyranny of Metrics”, and explores the complexities and dangers of incentives.

  • Boyd Varty — Inspirational conversation with this South African whose life philosophy was informed through tracking.

  • Barry Diller — An absolutely fascinating man I found myself embarrassed to have never heard of. I couldn’t believe how many of the world’s success stories this man was behind.

  • Aaron Brown — Interesting discussion about the bitcoin derivatives market.

  • Troy Wong — Neptune is a Canadian business that does one thing: Runs DASH masternodes.

  • Hunter Horsley — Founded Bitwise Investment, one of the first crypto index funds, the HOLD10.

  • Dhruv Bansal — Dhruv runs Unchained Capital, who will lend you USD against your Bitcoin collateral.

  • Ben Roberts — Ben runs a fascinating business of being a crypto liquidity provider.

  • Dan Larimer — Thinking about ICOs, my view was that most will collapse under the weight of excess capital. I imagined the exception would be a project led by an ideological, brilliant, experienced and driven benevolent dictator. After hearing Dan Larimer, I thought, “That’s it!” and immediately made a big investment in EOS.

  • Olaf Carlson-Wee — Founder of the Polychain Capital crypto investment fund.

  • Leemon Baird — Fascinating discussion of the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain technology.

  • Multicoin.capital — Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain run another hedge fund I’m invested in through the fund-of-funds, Multicoin.

  • Roger Ver — While controversial nowadays, Roger was a key person in Bitcoin’s history helping it achieve critical mass. Also don’t miss this interview with Roger on the What Bitcoin Did podcast.

  • Zach Coelius — Building a top-tier AngelList syndicate.

  • Tim Urban — Tim Urban is guy behind the Wait-But-Why website, and spends his time taking incredibly deep dives into interesting topics.

  • Jenny Rooke — With a PhD in genetics, Jenny Rooke founded Genoa Ventures, where she invests in companies in the genetics and therapeutics space. I love to hear the stories of people who moved from high-science to investing.

  • Chris Schumacher — If you’ve ever felt unsympathetic to the idea that someone who committed murder could, though prison time, become an asset to society, listen to this RAD Awakening’s episode with Chris Schumacher. A great conversation.

  • John Pfeffer — Refreshing first-principles view of crypto investing, from an experienced and smart institutional investor who found his way into crypto (via Wences Casares).

  • Michael Munger — Amazing conversation on the primacy of transaction costs.